Clementine. pt. 1

I finished the last of my gas station reserves and took the next freeway exit to stock up again. Just off the road I pulled into a little stop n’ go like gas station, no frills–just the way I liked it. There was even a dull sign above the door that read ” fresh chilly dogs 2 for a dollar!”…it was the word fresh that gave me pause, but then I smiled to myself and went in.

The cashier eyed me for along time after his eyes met mine, he must have thought me out of place. Which was understandable since I was dressed in mostly black leather–but nothing kinky, I promise.


10 Things I Subconsciously Discovered That Changed My Life

Loved this article from thought catalog.

Thought Catalog

Somewhere down the line, in the past couple of years, my life started to change. In a good way. The world didn’t change, but the way I viewed it, and the way I appreciated everything in it, did. I’d like to be able to say, yeah, I read some inspirational shit, or hit rock bottom, and knew I had to turn my life around, so I started doing this and that, and all those things that people advised about, and hey, look where it got me. But I can’t. Because it never happened like that.

I’ve heard so many stories just like that, interviewing students who have overcome multiple challenges in their lives to come out tops, get almost perfect grades, get awarded scholarships, and know exactly where their lives are headed. They’re like, 21. They’re standing at the welcoming threshold of an exciting decade that’s gonna see them go…

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Breathe your fire, breather.

Fire. exclamation mark. fire

Your hot breath is fogging my windows, you can’t see for me.

Your scales hurt when you hold me to your back. and I can feel your struggle.

You’re too strong to hold the slippery delicateness of my wings, yet too weak to break my neck.

You’re too fat with greed to release me, and so heavy you can no longer fly.

Your  throat burns lava hot, and when you part lips to speak you breathe fire, and die.