Breathe your fire, breather.

Fire. exclamation mark. fire

Your hot breath is fogging my windows, you can’t see for me.

Your scales hurt when you hold me to your back. and I can feel your struggle.

You’re too strong to hold the slippery delicateness of my wings, yet too weak to break my neck.

You’re too fat with greed to release me, and so heavy you can no longer fly.

Your  throat burns lava hot, and when you part lips to speak you breathe fire, and die.


2 thoughts on “Breathe your fire, breather.

  1. I really like this poem. There are a lot of “poets” on wordpress, it’s hard to find a decent poem. I enjoy the imagery and I like your specific cadence. This poem has led me to follow your blog. Well played.

    – Damien Cash

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