Clementine pt.2 edit/addition.

I grabbed the usual sun chips and power-aid and went to meet my new admirer. His beard was as patch ridden as his coat, and to put it simply he “belonged” with the rest of the place. I must have been staring with some intent, because he gave me the full up down and made a distinct pop noise with his lips. Since confrontation is my lifeblood– I was mentally gearing up for a small victory. Before I could speak the sky opened up with a resonating crack, sending the hair on the back of my neck up and a tremor down my spine. I clutched my drink a little too tightly and the plastic label came unglued. It looked like I stepped into a crime scene–the sports drink ran a cross the tile.  I stepped over the mess and laid down a ten dollar bill. A barely audible sorry to the cashier left my mouth as I hustled for the exit.


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