Bubble Bubble PT. 3

“I’m just gonna put that down for you, cause its freakin’ me out.” whispered April, she turned the t.v off without taking her eyes off Caia. Then grabbed her cell phone from her pocket.

Which seemed to shift Caias concern from her arm. “Wha…who are you calling?” she asked resting the offending arm on her lap.

“Tim, he’s a paramedic.” she said.

Caia took the phone from her hand ending the call with a swipe. “I don’t need a medic. It’s just stress! Alright?” she said, while rubbing the middle of her forehead. “I get headaches, and my arm shakes a little its no BIG deal.” She could see the concern unknot in April’s face.

“Alright. I’m gonna call your mom though, she  should know you’re all but fallin’ apart without her.” she reached for her phone back. Caia didn’t give it. “Look! You won’t even let me tell her, see tha’s messed up. Cause you know its more than just stress, and she’ll hear in your voice.”

Caia ran to the bathroom, with both phones in hand and locked the door. She stooped down to sit on the edge of the tub, noticed it was still pink from April’s dye,  and took a seat on the toilet lid instead–deciding  if she should make the call herself.


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