Leaping are our hearts, as the race begins.

This moment has been itching at my heels for a decade, how much longer would I have waited?

Time is the natural equalizer–raising me to be brave and strong enough to race.

Weathered are my opposition, the time I took did that to them.

Waited, they have, to lap me and to break my crown.

Their hate spreads like fire on dead brush, touching my people, and replacing pride with disgust.

I see it in their gate, their art, and most of all their progeny.

No longer am I their Queen.


The Ultimate 28 Step Cheat Sheet To Self-Publish Your Best Seller


Thought Catalog

I know you have a book in you and you are ready to get it out. I know that not because I am psychic but because you are reading this. I know I have one too (I am working on my second). This is a wonderful time for the both of us!

I will take full credit right now: James’s latest book, “Choose Yourself” would have been a disaster and a flop if not for me.


Let me tell you James’ story.

November 2012: I notice that James has just sent an email to a consultant we use that said: “Please upload this to Amazon when you can.” A book called The Choose Yourself Era was attached. That’s it. One line. One attachment.

Thank God he cc-ed me!

I open the attachment and see the very first draft…

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Clementine pt.2 edit/addition.

I grabbed the usual sun chips and power-aid and went to meet my new admirer. His beard was as patch ridden as his coat, and to put it simply he “belonged” with the rest of the place. I must have been staring with some intent, because he gave me the full up down and made a distinct pop noise with his lips. Since confrontation is my lifeblood– I was mentally gearing up for a small victory. Before I could speak the sky opened up with a resonating crack, sending the hair on the back of my neck up and a tremor down my spine. I clutched my drink a little too tightly and the plastic label came unglued. It looked like I stepped into a crime scene–the sports drink ran a cross the tile.  I stepped over the mess and laid down a ten dollar bill. A barely audible sorry to the cashier left my mouth as I hustled for the exit.

Clementine Pt.2

I grabbed the usual sun chips and power-aid and went to meet my new admirer. His beard was as patch ridden as his coat, and surmise to say he fit his surroundings. He gave me the full up down and made a distinct pop noise with his thin lips. Since confrontation is my lifeblood. I was gearing up for a small victory when the sky opened up with a thunderous crack, sending the hair on my neck up.  I steadied, paid the surly cashier and hustled to my car.

Sand and Sea.

Closer than the tide and to the shore,

then slowly we wore, each year a little more.

I can see  your new height, risen above me,

the more I rinse away.

Sand and sea, we meet repeatedly,

and you take a little more of me.

Clementine. pt. 1

I finished the last of my gas station reserves and took the next freeway exit to stock up again. Just off the road I pulled into a little stop n’ go like gas station, no frills–just the way I liked it. There was even a dull sign above the door that read ” fresh chilly dogs 2 for a dollar!”…it was the word fresh that gave me pause, but then I smiled to myself and went in.

The cashier eyed me for along time after his eyes met mine, he must have thought me out of place. Which was understandable since I was dressed in mostly black leather–but nothing kinky, I promise.

10 Things I Subconsciously Discovered That Changed My Life

Loved this article from thought catalog.

Thought Catalog

Somewhere down the line, in the past couple of years, my life started to change. In a good way. The world didn’t change, but the way I viewed it, and the way I appreciated everything in it, did. I’d like to be able to say, yeah, I read some inspirational shit, or hit rock bottom, and knew I had to turn my life around, so I started doing this and that, and all those things that people advised about, and hey, look where it got me. But I can’t. Because it never happened like that.

I’ve heard so many stories just like that, interviewing students who have overcome multiple challenges in their lives to come out tops, get almost perfect grades, get awarded scholarships, and know exactly where their lives are headed. They’re like, 21. They’re standing at the welcoming threshold of an exciting decade that’s gonna see them go…

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Breathe your fire, breather.

Fire. exclamation mark. fire

Your hot breath is fogging my windows, you can’t see for me.

Your scales hurt when you hold me to your back. and I can feel your struggle.

You’re too strong to hold the slippery delicateness of my wings, yet too weak to break my neck.

You’re too fat with greed to release me, and so heavy you can no longer fly.

Your  throat burns lava hot, and when you part lips to speak you breathe fire, and die.