Her Series: Endings.

Fire in action by square_eye

Fire in action by square_eye

Have you ever come to the ending of something awful?

Her bare feet where stained a dull earthy red from heel to toe. The sting of the rocky soil didn’t matter, because her motives were worse than the pain. Knowing her future made more of a difference than ever before, and her fate was sealed, it was all falling into place. This time she wouldn’t, and ¬†run there’s no fighting it anymore, she cannot turn back–the pain grew more intense, but she wouldn’t let herself feel it. The house is burning and she must save herself. ¬†Though time bleeds in front of her, the past is seeping from the walls to the skies–the future was broken and smoldering on the front lawn. Her ice-cold eyes burn, and her stolen lungs choke.

Her broken hands, cold eyes, and weak lungs–will feel whole, warm, and strong again.

After she burns the fields.